Sea Point Montessori


Sea Point Montessori on Kloof is a quaint little school nestled in the arms of the Holy Redeemer Christ Church. It is located at 82 Kloof Road, Sea Point in the Anglican Church Hall. It is non-denominational and welcomes children of ages 1½ – 6 years.

The school was established in 2003 and the Montessori Early Learning Foundation (MELF) took over the school on the 1st January 2019 when there were only 2 children enrolled.


MELF is in charge of the administration of the school, ensuring legislative and financial requirements are in order. In addition, we mentor and support the teachers, ensuring a high quality, authentic Montessori programme is delivered. The day to day operations is run by the teachers. Staff members of MELF have different ways in which they support the school and could be seen from time-to-time at the school. The school operates according to the WCED’s school terms and the school is closed for all school or public holidays.



The school caters for a diverse community of both local and international families. The school has capacity to accommodate 30 children and we hope to welcome more families to our little community. It follows the pedagogical practices of Dr. Maria Montessori – a medical doctor who developed an approach to education based on self-directed play, hands-on learning and collaborative play. We understand that children of different ages have different needs and abilities. We encourage our children to make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the highly trained guides offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.

Our Montessori Guides prepare beautiful classroom environments with developmentally appropriate activities and expectations for o

ur children, aged 18 months to 6 years. The children are encouraged to explore their environment through play. Children arrive between 08h00 – 08h15. We have a 3-hour work cycle for the 3-6 year olds and a 2-hour work cycle for the younger children. During this time, the children can move freely within the classroom and choose their own work. Our classroom is divided into two spaces, one for the toddlers (18months – 3 years) and one for the pre-primary (3 – 6 years) learners.


Children bring their own healthy snacks daily and they bring along lunch (if they stay for Aftercare). They set the table before eating and clean up after themselves. Each child brings one fruit to share with others for snack time/food preparation activities. We prefer that parents send only water to drink in a clearly labelled bottle.


Bakers day

Each week a designated baker brings a recipe and the ingredients for a healthy snack/muffin. The baker appoints a sous chef to assist him/her. The children pay R50 per term to buy the baker’s ware. The baker team changes each week to allow all the children to be part of the baking team.


Extra Murals (Optional)

Extra Mural activities are provided by external service providers subject to sufficient sign ups. The fee for these programmes is excluded from the monthly school fee. Extra murals available are; Playball, Swimming, Music Therapy, Gymnastics, Zumba and Yoga


Aftercare Programme

As we share our space with the church and a ballet studio, we pack up the classroom three times a week. Our Aftercare can therefore only accommodate a limited number of children at a time. We spend most of our afternoons outdoors. In addition to free play, children can choose from any of the planned activities, which includes: Art; Gardening; Outdoor games and Science experiments.


The school follows Western Cape Education Department (WCED) school terms. School hours are 08h15 – 12h15. Aftercare is available until 17h00 daily.


A non-refundable registration fee of R2000 is payable on acceptance.

Pre-Primary (3 – 6yr age group): R3000 per month or R9000 per term

Toddler (1½ – 3yr age group): R3300 per month or R9600 per term

Toddlers can also enrol part-time (3 consecutive days weekly): R3000 per month


Aftercare is charged at R2100 per month

Casual Aftercare can be arranged at the following rates:

12h15 – 13h15 is charged at R50 per hour

12h15 – 14h30 is charged at R100 per day

12h15 – 17h00 is charged at R150 per day


All children are also charged a once-off annual fee of R150 for a toiletry and stationery pack.


Contact us:

021 685 8119 or 083 944 9772

Find us at: 82 Kloof Road, Sea Point, 8005