ELF Montessori currently offers:

Dual Qualification training towards A Dual Pre-Primary Diploma

Montessori 3-6 Pre-primary Diploma AND National Diploma in ECD (ID Number 23118): Level 5 (240 credits)

[Part-Time, Full-Time and Distance Learning options available]

Dual Qualification training towards A Dual Infant & Toddler Certificate: 

Montessori 0-3 Infant & Toddler Certificate AND Further Education & Training Certificate in ECD (ID Number 58761): Level 4 (141 credits)

[Only Part-Time options available]

If you have completed the Montessori training but did not receive an accredited qualification you can choose to upgrade your original qualification to an accredited one by opting for the Upgrade Diploma Option.


Short courses in Nanny Training, Parenting

Training, First Aid and Nutrition for children


Consultancy: Advice, Support & Information

ELF MTT provides advice and information to organisations, communities and individuals both locally and nationally on all aspects of Early Childhood Development and children with specific reference to the Montessori Methodology as applicable in the South African context.

We assist with setting up schools and converting traditional preschools to Montessori schools.


Workshops & Resources

ELF MTT offers workshops to parents, caregivers and teachers of young children. Workshops cover various topics like literacy, numeracy, child development, discipline, first aid, nutrition, art, special needs (Autism, ADHD, etc.). We also stock imported equipment and some locally made materials made for use in the classroom environment.


Simply Montessori Newsletter

ELF MTT provides information, tips and activities that parents, families and teachers can do with the young child. The Newsletter is distributed free locally and nationally.


Outreach & Upliftment Projects

ELF MTT strives to uplift and improve the quality of education in impoverished areas. Working with partners like Stop Hunger Now, Life Church, Catholic Welfare Development, Wheat Trust, Launchpad and Volkswagen.


National Projects

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Outreach Projects in Cape Town

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